Promoting social justice through humor and song

Who are the Raging Grannies?

We are women of a certain age, singing out for social justice, a clean environment, and peace.

A little history

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Staying in trouble!

We show up--sometimes invited and sometimes uninvited--to rage about issues we care about.

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Raging Grannies–Rochester, NY

It was 2002 when budget cuts to libraries and other vital services were announced by our local county government. We gathered together as a gaggle of older women to rage about those issues and we've been working for peace, social and economic justice, and protection of the earth ever since. We write our own satirical lyrics to old familiar tunes and sing out whenever and wherever our message needs to be heard -- whether we're invited or not. We are part of an international disorganization of Raging Grannies--there are currently about 100 gaggles throughout the world, with the first gaggle forming in Victoria, British Columbia in the winter of 1986-1987. Membership in the Rochester gaggle is open to any woman of a certain age who has a sense of humor, a sense of outrage, and a commitment to non-violence. If you've ever heard us rage, you know that a good singing voice is not required . . .